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Thank you for a great fall festival! We look forward to next year! 

  • What should I wear to go through the maze?
    This is a corn field, and it is outdoor in Florida. Dress in comfortable clothes and in layers if it is cool, because you will warm up, No bare chests. Please note the rough terrain and be cautious as you walk. Shoes are required; comfortable, closed-toed shoes are suggested. Sun screen, water and a hat are all a very safe addition. Bug spray is strongly suggested for our night activities.
  • Are restroom facilities available?
    We have restrooms available on the farm!
  • Are drinking fountains available?
    We do not have drinking fountains on the Farm. Drinks are available for purchase from our Food Vendors, our Country Market and Cafe and we sell water on the Bridge in the big maze. You are welcome to bring your own drinks, but no alcoholic beverages. NO LARGE COOLERS
  • Is there a gift shop on-site?
    Besides fresh produce in our Country Market we also sell Maze T-shirts, hats, jams, jellies, drinks, snacks, ice cream and more.
  • Are picnic tables available?
    On the weekends covered picnic tables are provided. We do have a Cafe that is adjacent to the Market and Food Vendors on the weekends. Only small coolers are allowed and NO large coolers, alcohol, grills or cooking. We take MC, Visa & Discover in Market and Cafe and for Maze admission. Some of the Food Vendors only take cash.
  • How many adults should attend?
    All ages come to our Corn Maze. We love parent participation and encourage as many adults as would like to attend. However, we ask that there be at least one adult per 8 children. Kids, (16 and under) must be accompanied by an adult in the corn mazes. (ADULTS: you are responsible for supervising your children at ALL TIMES!)
  • Will young children enjoy the maze?
    Yes. They may grow tired before completing the entire maze, but there are three entrances/exits available. You can use the map on the back of your game sheet and ask the Maze Master on the Bridge for help getting out of the maze. You may also bring a stroller or a wagon, the bigger the wheels the better. Children should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult in the mazes.
  • We would like to just go through the mini corn maze, do we have to pay the regular admission into the maze?
    Yes. The Maze area is all inclusive and we do not separate any of the activities within it. The Fishing for Kids, Hay Rides & Farm Tours are extra. Please see ‘Maze Admissions’.
  • Are we allowed to bring food and drinks to the farm?
    Yes, we have several covered picnic areas inside the Maze area, for you to enjoy. You may bring small coolers (NO LARGE COOLERS on weekends) and sack lunches. NO ALCOHOL . You must pay the admission fee to enjoy the picnic areas and food vendors in our Maze Adventure Area. We also have our own Country Cafe near the market.
  • Can we bring our pets with us to walk through the maze?
    Pet Policy Dogs are welcome, but we do ask you to follow a few basic rules. Dogs must be kept on a short least, no retractable or expandable leashes Dogs are to be kept away from market produce or other food products and are not allowed on or under market tables Dogs must be child and other animal friendly Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately and disposed. Please be considerate of other guests and remember that not everybody is a dog person, if your dog is barking or overly friendly please remove them from crowds until calm.
  • Is it going to rain?
    Very often it may be raining in your location but not at the farm and vice-versa. Please check our local weather website for a forecast and current conditions. Or better yet just give us a call in the office (352-383-6900).
  • What if it does rain?
    We offer a rain check should it rain for more than 2 consecutive hours, we will be checking radar. The rain check will be good for the entire fall maze season. We do not give refunds.
  • How long does it take to complete the maze?
    We give out a Game Sheet with questions, picture rubbings and puzzels for you to complete inside the large Corn Maze. You can look for 23 stations that will help you with your Game sheet. So the time you spend inside the maze, depends on how diligent you are. It could take up to 2 hours for you to find every station in the Maze. A few groups have completed our 6 acre mazes in 45 minutes, that means they found every station. You are welcome to get out anytime you reach an exit or you can ask the Maze Master for help to reach an exit.
  • What if we get lost?
    Each group entering the Maze receives a flag, if you need assistance or are really lost, you raise your flag and our Maze Master will help you. You can not really get lost for long in a maze, keep walking and if you are trying to get out then stay to one side only. Making all right turns OR all left turns gets you out of a maze but does not guarantee that you will see every path. With perseverance and a bit of deductive reasoning you will solve the maze. We will have a Maze Master and some employees along the way that you can ask for assistance.
  • Can we take strollers, and wagons through the maze?
    While the maze is a dirt field with loose sand and dirt, strollers and wagons can be used in the maze. As more people visit the maze, the paths will become harder and smoother, in most places. We do not promise it is smooth all the way through. The larger the wheels, the better.
  • Can we take wheel chairs through the maze?
    Our Corn Maze is a live growing field with sandy dirt paths. Most of the paths will be packed down once guests start walking the maze, there will always be loose sandy areas. Manual wheel chairs will go through the maze in some area easier than other areas. Motorized chairs have a much more difficult time, depending on the weight. We do have a bridge with steep steps and some have been able to carry lighter chairs and/or riders up and over. That will depend on your companions (not our employees). You can back track and take other paths to get you around in the maze. We want you to be aware that getting over the bridge in the Maze is not something that our employees will be responsible for or that we suggest. We do not promise that wheelchairs will not get stuck.
  • Are you open at night?
    We currently have several night mazes planned for our maze season. More information can be found on our Ticket page. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Events webpage.
  • We would like to camp somewhere near the Corn Maze, any suggestions?
    Here are some links for places near the farm to camp; ​
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